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About Us

Upper Iowa Beef is a story about a community that came together because it believes we all have the right to know our farmers and know our food. We believe in providing humane care for our animals, in respecting the farmers who raise our cattle, and in providing transparent information to the families who will enjoy our beef at their dinner table.

Based in Lime Springs, Iowa (and originally known as Lime Springs Beef), we selected the name Upper Iowa Beef to reflect the customers and region we serve. We’re on a journey that involves sustainability, compassion, common sense, and bringing food production back to a local level.

Our state-of-the-art plant is the result of the efforts of hundreds of community members, local farmers and families, and municipal and state groups who believe in Iowa’s farmers—and who believe that by working together, we can enjoy a great steak or burger knowing that every step of the process respects farm, food, and family.

Our Beef Quality Promise

  • No artificial ingredients;
  • Cattle fed 100% vegetarian-based diet;
  • Ractopamine-free cattle sources;
  • Cattle suppliers are certified in humane animal handling (BQA);
  • All cattle sourced from Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois;
  • 100% Angus-based, black-hided cattle.

Our Process

Delivering Cattle

Carcass Cooler

Fabrication Process

Boxing & Shipping

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower discerning meat buyers to know their farmer and know their food. By tracking the cattle that comes from each family-owned and operated farm, we will offer consumers the confidence that they’re receiving high quality, locally grown beef that was raised under the protocols detailed on the product label. By purchasing Upper Iowa Beef meat, consumers will support Iowa and Minnesota farms and a processing system that will generate minimal stress to the animal and leave minimal impact on the environment.