Cattle Health & Care

Farmers work diligently to manage their cattle for optimum health. It begins with proper nutrition. Working with nutritionists to make sure the cattle are receiving the right balance of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals and access to clean fresh water to keep them healthy at all stages of life. After the cattle are weaned from their mom’s milk and pulled from grass pastures the cattle are free to graze at feed bunks containing a carefully balanced diet made up of roughage (such as hay and grass), grain (such as corn, wheat and soybean meal). When the cattle reach about 20 months of age and about 1400lbs they are then ready for harvest.

Farmers develop and maintain herd health plans that follow good veterinary and agriculture practices based on scientific research. This includes treating them with compassion and minimizing stress as well as keeping meticulous records on the care and treatment given to each animal to ensure the animal's and public's health and safety is the top priority.

We welcome local farmers who are interested in providing beef to us to contact us for more information. Also, our required paperwork maybe downloaded and submitted.


Here’s what transparency means to us:

  • We work with farmers who want to be more than “just a number,” and who care about the food you feed your family as much as the food they feed theirs.
  • We will explain what we’re doing to operate more sustainable, whether by reducing our plant’s environmental impact, harvesting our meat from local Iowa farmers.
  • We will share our methods for treating our animals with compassion, minimizing stress throughout their lives.