The Facility


We are currently developing proprietary technology that will allow us to track each and every animal that walks through our doors. We will know which local farm they came from and what they were fed on that farm, among other details.

Once our technology is adapted and put in place, we look forward to sharing more information. We anticipate it will help us reduce the risk of inventory overstock, as well as reduce health hazards—for example, we anticipate that we’ll be able to prevent a sick animal from ever reaching our doors.


Wastewater Treatment System

When it comes to one of our most precious resources – water – Upper Iowa Beef wanted to implement a wastewater treatment solution that works effectively for the community, the environment, and the company.

Upper Iowa Beef turned to Energy Independence Partners, LLC, for help in exploring all the wastewater treatment options available to them. The chosen direction is an innovative, privately owned system that will treat water coming from the processing plant, and release the treated water into Beaver Creek, a tributary of the Upper Iowa River. The water being released from the facility is fully potable and will be cleaner than the groundwater resource it was extracted from.

This specific wastewater treatment system is what engineers call a “modular approach”, where the water gets treated in pods that are buried deep in the ground. This affords Upper Iowa Beef less upfront engineering costs and the water being filtered through the system is of a higher quality. Keeping this resource for clean water within the community is just one of the ways Upper Iowa Beef is proving it has the best interests of the community in mind.