Know Your Food


Upper Iowa Beef was inspired by the concept of the farmers market—a place where consumers can purchase locally raised and harvested produce and meat directly from the farmer. But, understanding that not all consumers have access to a local farmers market, we wanted to take it to another level—by creating a digital farmers market.

As our plant is built, we’re refining technology and software systems that will allow you, as a meat buyer, to know the farmers who raised the cattle and to understand the methods we use to process our meat. We will encourage consumers to learn more about our farmers and our philosophy through mobile technology and our website.

Our vision: You’re standing at the supermarket with a fresh package of beef. You spot the Upper Iowa Beef logo on the package, so you know immediately where the cattle were raised, under what nutritionally balanced feeding program and followed a model that benefits local families and places lower stress levels on the animals. We’re making it a reality.

Among our planned product lines:

  • Local corn-fed beef
  • Raised-naturally beef
  • Grass-fed beef