UIB Plant Sustainability

Sustainability is a key underlying principle for all Upper Iowa Beef operations. As a small, locally owned and operated facility, our awareness of required resources—water, electricity, carbon footprint, labor force, and the land on which our farmers raise their cattle—is acute.
Here are just a few of our sustainable initiatives currently in development:

  • Our facility will process its own wastewater using an innovative onsite water treatment system. This system was specifically designed and developed to manage the plant’s water without draining or overly stressing the water supply and sewer system of the town of Lime Springs, Iowa.
  • We are currently exploring the possibility of partnering with a local bio enzyme digester operation that will use the plant’s offal as fuel. In the digester, electricity is generated via the processing of biological waste, creating power from what would otherwise be refuse.
  • We are employing sterilization equipment in the plant that consumes two-thirds less water per animal than the industry average.
  • The location of the plant relative to the location of the feedlots reduces the energy consumption to get the animal to the packing plant by 80 percent.
  • More to come—keep checking back!